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patent litigation services

Posted: 25 Jan 2022, 09:25
by centriik
Protect your patent rights legally by filing a translation services case to defend against patent infringement. Centric IP patent litigation services System trains and automates.
You can request an initial consultation with the experienced patent infringement patent infringement attorneys at Centriik. We have over years of experience in providing trademark, patent, industrial design, copyright, geographical indication and trade secret services. From preliminary advice on whether a claim is viable to filing litigation and settlement negotiations, our objective is to help clients plan their IP management strategy.
Centriik provides cost-effective litigation services in all aspects of Intellectual Property Law which is backed by extensive experience and eminent professionals. Our vast knowledge pool and legal expertise help clients their demand to initiate, develop and defend strong intellectual property portfolios by providing tailored legal services. The aim of Centriik is to help clients achieve this protection along with the tools to manage, enforce and commercialize their Portfolio Analysis.