How To Access Bellsouth Email Now?

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How To Access Bellsouth Email Now?

Post by smith8395john » 10 Apr 2021, 13:44

After AT&T merged with BellSouth and the AT&T name was preserved, many email users got confused about how to use their Bellsouth account. If you also have a Bellsouth email account for your business, don’t worry you can still access it from the AT&T login page. From there you can send, receive and manage your BellSouth emails. In case you want to use your Bellsouth account on your email applications on your devices, you will need to configure the Bellsouth email settings manually. To access your Bellsouth account, follow the steps below. Make sure you know the username and password of your account to perform the setup.

First of all, you need to visit Yahoo and navigate to the AT&T email service.
Next, select the Check Mail option to open the AT&T login page.
On the next page, you need to enter your Bellsouth email address in the Email field and the account password in the Password field.
Click on Sign In to access your Bellsouth account.

If the account credentials you’ve entered are correct, you will be able to access your Bellsouth email and also receive and send new emails. In case the sign-up fails, confirm the account password and try again.

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